Nicci Micco is a writer, yoga teacher, and mother

Energy is contagious.

Why practice yoga? To feel stronger. More flexible. Stay calm in the midst of swirling urgency. So you can life’s up and downs like a pro surfer. Or maybe just so you don’t want to punch people in the face. All good reasons.

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We all write stories.

In the background of our brains, there’s always a narrative. Shh. Listen. Sometimes the stories we tell ourselves are true. Sometimes they’re fiction. Or fake news. Our stories can lift us up. They can make us feel small, unworthy. Words have power. You can spill them onto papers and screens. Dissect them and correct them. Rearrange and remove them until what remains is just right. The beautiful truth. Or just the truth. Your truth. And then you can share. Here are some of my stories.

Hi, I’m Nicci.

To all of my work, I bring a passion for health and wellness. I have a master’s degree in nutrition with a focus in behavior change and teach yoga. I’ve spent most of my career writing and editing for magazines. My work has been published in publications including EatingWell, Glamour, Marie Claire, SELF, and Men’s Health. (More about my kids, cats, and what I actually do all day here.)